Why Join?

Being successful in scouting helps you to be successful in life. Employers, College Admissions professionals, and military leaders recognize the value of scouting and make their decisions based on success. Eagle Scouts regularly get preferential consideration with college admissions.

"Earning the rank of Eagle Scout and serving on National Youth Leadership Training Staff looks great on a College Application. You can't get those things from sports."

Scouting teaches leadership skills on par with those taught to corporate executives in expensive training sessions. These skills are put into practice at troop meetings, planning meetings, outings and presentations. Scouts become more confident about making plans, executing the plans, leading a group and giving presentations to a group. When things don't go well, they know they need to adjust and adapt to the situation and be persistent to achieve their goals.

"Everything I Needed to Know about Leadership I Learned in the Boy Scouts"

"Many leaders of business, government, and education have indicated that the Boy Scout program was one of the most important experiences in their lives, one that impacted their thinking and actions throughout their careers."

from Griggs, F. Jr. ref.

We teach skills for doing things outdoors: camping, hiking, canoeing, etc. Many skills can be applied to life: cooking, first aid, emergency preparedness and navigation, and many more subjects are learned as a scout and never forgotten.

Watch the news and you will find regular occurances where a Boy Scout performed some life-saving act they would not have done without their scouting skills and experience!

Sure, scouting is serious business. But we are serious about having fun too! See our pictures and events page for proof!

While you can transfer from one troop to another, you should evaluate your options before joining a troop. Here is what scouts like about Troop 180: